best of 2012

All right, everyone’s doing it. I guess I’ll jump on the boat. (Or wagon. Or whatever it is.) Here’s my look back at what happened in 2012.

1. I received my official master’s diploma. (Technically I finished school in December 2011, but my diploma didn’t arrive until March 2012).

2. I wrote a second novel and started a third.

3. A house! We bought a house and now I have a beautiful office for writing and all sorts of creativity (pictures coming as soon as I finish hanging things on the walls).

4. I got a new job. Six weeks down and I’m still enjoying the work and the people I work with.

Those are my highlights. That’s enough looking back. Now for looking forward. Here are my hopes for 2013:

1. I’ll finish writing my third novel and revising my first.

2. I’ll attend another writers’ conference to pitch my books.

3. My husband will be able to get a fabulous new car.

4. I’ll learn all the tools of the trade and become an expert at my job.

And here’s one thing for sure that will happen in 2013: a redesign of my site. That’s right. I know you all think my site is the most fabulous design in the world 😉 but it’s time for a new look. So that’s coming soon. Super soon.

There ya have it, ladies and gents. Two years. One summed up, one anticipated.

What are your highlights and hopes?