i rock. so do you.

Whatever it is you’re aiming for in this world, it’s so hard to get there sometimes. You’re headed in the right direction, making progress, when BAM! obstacles start popping up.

For me, it’s finding a job. When I’m browsing through the listings, it’s easy to focus on everything I don’t have. I don’t have 10 years of experience. I don’t have extra certifications. I start to feel beholden to anyone who actually calls me back, which leads to me considering jobs with hours and pay I never would have been okay with before. (“Why yes, I’d love to work all week and every weekend for $7/hour.”) It’s a slippery slope. (more…)

What not to say… to a SAHM, pt. 2

On Thursday, we got started on the topic of what not to say to stay-at-home moms. And today, Jennifer’s gonna bring it home for us.

5. Don’t you want adult conversation?
I find that I’m in a minority here, because my answer to this question is NO. Yes, I like adult conversation and I have that pretty consistently throughout my day with my husband, mom, siblings, friends, etc. Even if it’s only in an email version. But I like my kids. I like being with them, hanging out with them, and talking to them. They are funny. I’m not dying for adult conversation because my kids are excellent conversationalists. I don’t know if I’m lucky, or if by interacting with them, I’ve encouraged them to become this way.

6. How do you do it?
This is a money question. I get this question allllllllll the time. (more…)