In an unusual move, I left the apartment today.

That makes me sound agoraphobic. I’m not. I just need a reason to go somewhere, a purpose. I’m not an aimless wanderer — I’m a purposeful wanderer.

And so I wandered to the craft store and Starbucks. On my way back, loaded down with a big bag of yarn and a giant cup of coffee, I was pulling out my keys to enter my apartment building when I saw it. I had no idea what it was at first. I had a horrible moment where I thought it might be a dead animal. (more…)


I didn’t grow up rich. As a kid, all of my clothes were thrift store and hand-me-down chic. I thought only rich people bought their clothes new.

When I started middle school, my parents made sure I knew that the only way I would be able to go to college was if I made good grades and got a scholarship. (And a college education was the only way to have a solid career.) I wasn’t paid for my grades. I didn’t get an allowance. The only made money through babysitting and doing extra chores. (Ya know, beyond the ones I was required to do.) (more…)