Closed door, open door

My cat hates doors. Well, mostly she hates closed ones. If she’s on the inside of a closed door, she feels trapped. If she’s on the outside, she feels left out. She loses the ability to function. She paws at the door. She cries. She rolls around on the floor like a very weird cat. All because of one closed door.

I don’t do well with closed doors either. Not so much literally as figuratively. I think it’s common to most humans. We see a closed door and we fixate on what could have been. We ponder what might be behind that door (something fabulous and wonderful, of course!) We wonder why it’s closed. Why aren’t we allowed to go through it? Why has God closed that door to us?

It doesn’t matter if there are a thousand open doors. It’s the closed one that snags our attention. It’s not the paths available to us that intrigue us, but the one that seems to block us out with a giant “Do not enter” sign. Why me? We wonder. Why can other people go through that door and I can’t?

Sometimes God says “Leave it alone. That door’s not for you.” And other times he looks at us, His darling idiot children, and says “Have you ever considered knocking?”

The problem is knowing which action to take. Find another route or knock until someone answers? It’s tricky business, for sure. And it takes time and prayer.

Next month, I’m going to a writer’s conference. And I may find open doors. I may also find closed ones. Right now, I have no idea, but I like to be prepared.

So I’ll be working on recognizing God’s direction for those closed doors, listening and responding to His plan. Otherwise, I may find myself rolling around on the floor and crying like my cat. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t go over so well…




  1. Debra Weiss
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 11:40:31

    OK, I laughed out loud when I read this line:

    And other times he looks at us, His darling idiot children, and says “Have you ever considered knocking?”

    I’m with your cat. I tend to immediately go into the whine zone when I see a closed door. I want to know what’s behind that door! But most of the time, I can look back after a few months and say, “Wow, thank you, God, you didn’t let me walk through that door!”

    Sometimes, a closed door is really just another one of His mercies in action!


  2. halee
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 12:31:11

    You’re definitely not alone! It’s so easy to fixate on that thing we’re not allowed. We’re always going “but why not?” even though there are a multitude of opened doors.

    But looking back is usually a different story altogether! When you’re on the other side, you can go “oh look, that door led directly to a deep, bottomless chasm of doom and destruction. Huh.”


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